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Bismarck/Mandan have many talented individuals, groups, bands, etc. . .
bringing them all together to get teens active in sharing their
talents and enjoy others.

Crafting and challenging activities to encourage problem solving skills,
and helping children/teens to learn to be resourceful and imaginative.

Recreational activities where children, teens, and guardians interact to do fun
things such as reading, board games and imaginative play to build stronger
children and families through play. Games that require little or no materials
are introduced to assist guardians in understanding that play doesn’t have to
be expensive and can be incorporated into their everyday routine.

"My kids and I love coming to all events and programs at Carrie's Kids. We always know it will be fun and helpful."
Amber, Mom of 3, ages 13, 10 and 7
A multi annual event where children/teens who are homeless or at risk can come and get their needs met. Each event is geared to match the time of year. In the fall, we focus on school supplies, clothing, shoes, socks, underwear, legal aid, and haircuts in an effort to help get kids ready for school. In early spring we help with the same, and focus on filling the gaps in personal needs that are running short, and get ready for a summer without school.

On August 31st, 2014, with $44,596 in cash and donations we served 622.

We fed 506 people then distributed 341 Backpacks, 13,772 School supply items, 324 packs of socks, 313 packs of underwear, 3,521 garments, 4,347 personal hygiene items and gave123 haircuts.

"Caring for kids was so good to me and my family. It was fun and inviting and my kids got all of their needs met for school. Hair cut, clothes, school supplies and brand new tennis shoes. I am so thankful. Jenny, Mom of 3, ages 7, 6, and 5

An event that serves as a one stop shop for teenagers to learn about: Budgeting, Job Skills, Job Interview Techniques, Resume Help, Opportunities for Employment, Food, Clothing, Personal Hygiene items, Make up, Beauticians, Senior Pictures, Tax Help, Legal help, GED and ACT Info, Free Food, and much more.

"Teenage Makeover was the best, I learned a lot about job applications and interviews, the people were very nice"
Emily, Age 17

A special invitation boutique, empowering both young men and women to feel confident, important and prepared for any of lives special occasions. Whether it be for the Snowball Dance, Prom, Graduation, or other big milestone. Volunteers share their time in providing free dress clothes such as suits and formal wear, jewelry, shoes, haircuts and styles, undergarments, make up, before and after photos, and so much more. Creating a foundation for these young men and women to fulfill their dreams.

"Having someone talk to me about my hair and how to take care of it and not dye it so much" Alicia, Age 16

Here we get children and teens outfitted for winter.

The week of Halloween, we bring in a group of students and mentors to eat dinner, play games and paint pumpkins to take home.

Carrie hand selects homeless, and at risk children to come to our shoppe each night, over a 2 week period, prior to Christmas.  Our goal is to teach them the joy of giving.

We create an indoor wonderland of trees, lights, decorations, music, and gifts.

We feed the kids, then a mentor helps them shop for gifts, for the people they are living with, then pick a gift for themselves, all for FREE.

This past Christmas we fed and served over 400 children, and our elves wrapped nearly 1400 gifts for them to take with them.

"The Christmas Shoppe is so magical. I feel like I am at the North Pole." Anna, age 8

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